Ivan Chai - Subscription

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Ivan Chai supports Prostate and Urinary Tract Health  Ivan’s Herbs mission is to provide evidence-based, effective, and simple to understand herbal recipes for specific health concerns. Ivan Chai, made from fermented fireweed leaves, has the following benefits: proven to support male prostate health.  proven to reduce urinary symptoms related to an enlarged prostate. proven to support urinary tract health for men and women. evidence that it may lower Protein Specific Antigen (PSA) values Evidence All our herbal recipes are evidence-based. See the evidence for Ivan Chai here. Product Contents Each subscription order contains 150 grams of Ivan Chai. That's 75 cups of herbal tea. Using therapeutic doses, thats enough for 37 days of treatment. Your subscription order is 100% recyclable  shipped with a climate neutral shipping service delivered to your home through your letterbox  See how it's made